Is the technology scalable?

Does your technology have the capacity to provide services that match growing demand in a high-growth business venture?

Do you possess a well-crafted financial plan?

Does your business plan include a capital efficient business model, fundamentally sound unit economics, reasonable path to scale, high margins, short sales cycle, inexpensive sales and distribution model, sound go to market strategy and other assumptions/inputs are intelligent?

Is there a large market opportunity to become a market leader by displacing status quo/competitors or creating a new market?

Is your market large and well-defined? A niche is acceptable to begin with. Is your market fast growing with minimal competition? Do you have strong Intellecutal Property?

Do you have a strong founding team?

Does your founding team possess traits like passion, startup experience, domain expertise, operating skills, leadership ability, commitment, long-term vision, realism and pragmatism, flexibility, even temperament? Above all else, your team should have integrity and character.

Bonus points for “rational delusion”

Does your business have clear and detailed pitch and supporting materials?

Is your business equipped with an investor pitch that will provide potential investors with an adequate idea about your business?

The deck should include clear short-term milestones balanced with compelling grand vision.