Fund focuses on partnering with the best AgTech entrepreneurs and funding the development of new AgTech innovation to solve real and compelling problems for Midwest agriculture producers.


OMAHA, NE – Jul 18, 2023 – Grit Road Partners recently announced it closed its Grit Road Ag-Venture Fund, raising more than its $11 million goal. 

“We could not have done this without all the trust and support from our partners, our bench, and portfolio companies,” said Mike Jung, Managing Partner. “We are excited to continue to work with our existing portfolio and establish new partnerships with other AgTech entrepreneurs.”

The Fund focuses on investing in seed-stage AgTech companies, providing them the capital and support to achieve growth milestones. While there are no geographic boundaries for the fund–current investments are across the U.S.–the thesis is to invest in innovators solving real problems for Midwest agriculture producers and the grand vision is to help make the Midwest the global hub for new AgTech growth and innovation.

“Many of our investors come from a diverse variety of ag backgrounds and experiences and are committed to the success of our portfolio companies,” added Ben Williamson, Managing Director. “We continue leveraging our partners’ knowledge, operational skill sets, and networks to benefit our portfolio companies.”

High-growth AgTech business ventures interested in learning more about Grit Road and investment consideration, please view our website:

About Grit Road Partners

We partner with teams who are developing the newest and most innovative technology-driven solutions to innovate, improve, and redefine the current agriculture ecosystem. The Grit Road Ag-Venture Fund is taking advantage of the region’s strong agriculture history and industry partners to exponentially advance AgTech in the Midwest.

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