Looking to Solve Midwest Producer Problems

We partner with the teams who are developing the newest and most innovative technology-driven solutions to innovate, improve, and redefine the current agriculture ecosystem. GRIT ROAD AG-VENTURE is taking advantage of the region’s strong agriculture history and industry partners to exponentially advance AgTech in the Midwest. The Fund utilizes its access, network, and experience to find and foster exceptional Midwest entrepreneurs, with the goal of making the Midwest the Global AgTech Hub.


The team has built a national and global network in the agriculture and funding space creating access to better deal flow.


After decades of building a robust network of ag-connectors, producers, investors, and advisors, the team’s network can support portfolio companies.


Over +50 years of combined experience in the agriculture, startup, and technology investment space.


The fund intends to leverage The Combine Incubator and the Ag-Tech infrastructure it provides. The Combine is a statewide initiative overseen by Invest Nebraska supporting high growth entrepreneurs in food and agriculture. The program consists of go-to-market support through mentorship and a capital readiness program, networking events, a group of partnering producers across the state, as well as incubation space on Nebraska Innovation Campus.




We are focused on serving a specific segment of founders or businesses within the broader Ag-Tech space who have developed innovative/proprietary and scalable technology.


Looking for companies showing early signs of product-market fit, ideally with meaningful revenue or other compelling market validation and a product in the market. Teams should be raising formal rounds of financing of at least $500k and understand the desired outcomes inherent with venture funding.


Partnering with high-growth-minded teams with high character and cross-functional skill sets. Strong leaders who are experienced operators with industry and domain experience are a benefit. Teams should create and leverage strong differentiators.